Client Testimonials - Accounting

Tom Lavender, Toms Discount Cars

We never regret to involve with Accounting & Bookkeeping Group Australia. The staffs are all friendly and very proactive, they understand our business and treat our matters as their own, they provide quality and valuable advices to grow our business though their fees are very competitive. We always have a peace of mind of concentrating on what we are special and always know that our financial compliance work are on the track.

Cuong Minh Le, H.A.C Tiles Pty Ltd

We are so happy to choose Accounting & Bookkeeping Group Australia as our accountant/bookkeeper. They are very active and provide all the tools we need to achieve our business and personal goals. They provide One-Stop services to help us to solve major problems we have in our business. We feel our business is running much smoother than ever before and we always have confidence that we are backed up by true and quality professionals.

Asia Pacific (AUST) International Trading Pty Ltd

Accounting & Bookkeeping Group Australia has helped us a lot from company set up, bookkeeping to final financial accounts and tax returns preparation. Their professionalism is second to non, they take our time pressure off so we can concentrate on our business. They always care about our business and always communicate with us with valuable advices. They are problems solvers rather than problems creators, our profit and cash flow has improved dramatically since we involved with them. We want to give you a big thank you and we will definitely refer you to all people we know.

Shin Teng

Working with Accounting & Bookkeeping Group Australia could not be easier.  I have happily been a client over the past 3 years and the turn-around time for my taxes has been excellent. The communications and instructions are great. The office has been very good about providing reminders to submit information, giving updates as to the status of the process and instructing me what to do with the return once it has been completed. I am habitually late in providing my information, but the crew has been remarkable in preparing the tax returns quickly and without complaint.   I have tremendous confidence in the firm and its expertise with my specific tax matters.

Thandi Ngubula

I've had nothing but good experiences over the past few years. I've been pretty amazed at the personal attention I've received from every member of the staff I've communicated with. The turnaround time is amazing. I can't imagine how it could be easier!  I filed my paperwork later than usual this year because of a mix-up with my mortgage interest statement and I still got my returns in plenty of time to mail my payment. The checklist that you send is incredibly helpful and I always use it to make sure I'm sending everything needed to ensure a complete return. The instructions for filing were very clear and easy to follow, which is enormously helpful when working at a hectic job like I do. I have absolute confidence in your expertise and have recommended your firm to several colleagues and friends.

Tangshan Guofeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

We are one of the top 10 steel mills in China with annual turnover of more than 5 billion US dollars. We have been engaged with Accounting & Bookkeeping Group Australia since January 2010, the group introduced us the opportunity to invest in the 4th largest iron ore mine in Australia with NPV (Net Present Value) of more than 2.6 billion Australia dollars. This is a big challenge for us not only in terms of investment amount but also  because we have no experience in investing in Australia whatsoever, we have doubt that Accounting & Bookkeeping Group Australia Pty Ltd can help us to achieve our goals. But history proves that their ability is second to non.

The group provide one-stop services including introducing and working with lawyer (Minter Ellison), liaise with different consultants, virtual-data room due diligence, mining sites due diligence, arrange meetings with mine directors , communications with mine directors regarding to all sorts of issues, financial forecasting including income & expenses, cash flows, IRR (internal rate of return), payback time period etc. We feel so lucky to be able to appoint Accounting & Bookkeeping Group Australia Pty Ltd as our accountant/consultant, they are our genuine partner with genuine and generous help, we are so confident that we can achieve our goals under the lead by the principal. We will continue to work with Accounting & Bookkeeping Group and we will definitely recommend their services to everyone we know.

Rizhao Farland International Trading Co., Ltd

We are a coal trading company based in Shandong province, China. Having worked with Accounting & Bookkeeping Group Australia Pty Ltd during the past few years, we find their advice and services to be invaluable.  They always communicate with us with patience due to our lack of knowledge about Australia. They are very specific and in detail, they even picked up a comma error in our letter of credit (LC) issued to Anglo coal Australia in 2009, no need to say their expertise and attention to detail in the formal coal supply contract terms.  The most impression thing they did was helped us to find the vessels to be able to ship the coal from Australia to China since we have no such experience at all. Under their generous and genuine help, we were managed to import Australia coal with total value of more than $10 million Australian dollars, can’t imagine how we can make this happen without genuine contribution by Accounting & Bookkeeping Group. Thank you so much and we are confident to say that “Under your help, everything is possible!”

Broad Way Hotel Group Pty Ltd

Turnaround time is super quick like it has been over the past 3 years.  It was great to receive the checklist you distribute which is easy to follow and is essential for us to gather all the paperwork needed.  This year our taxes were over 100 pages, scary! Nonetheless everything was explained simply and professionally and we felt at ease.  Also, there is always someone available on the accounting team to provide good solid advice throughout the year...even on the most unimportant questions.

Michael Hickson

I am a new client this year and found the tax preparation experience VERY easy and quick. Loved it!  I had absolutely no trouble with anything in the process.  It really was streamlined and efficient. Looking forward to a long relationship.

Doreen Jachmann

This was my first year with the Accounting & Bookkeeping group and I was very satisfied.  All forms were filed and all communications with me came in a timely manner. Instructions were concise and specific. Staff returned my emails and queries promptly. Lots of pressure taken off me as the tax process was easy. I quickly got my tax refund! My trust has been earned.